This site presents the process and final outcome of a three-way collaboration between Nicola Simmons, Nicola Winborn and Kimm Kiriako.

The front, back and inner pages you see below are composed of 3 layers; each multimedia layer was created by a different artist.

We each created a background which went snail mail to the next artist for a middle layer and then finally mailed hither and thither to the third in our trio for a final layer.

A mail art project; two of the artists live in England and one in the US.

Series A:  1st layer created by Nicola Simmons, 2nd layer by Nicola Winborne, final layer by Kimm Kiriako

Series B:  1st layer created by Nicola Winborne, 2nd layer by Kimm Kiriako, final layer by Nicola Simmons

Series C:  1st layer created by Kimm Kiriako, 2nd layer by Nicola Simmons, final layer by Nicola Winborne

special thanks to Isabelle Muszynski for hanging out with us throughout the process.